About Me and the Morris Family

I’m Carl Dean Morris… born 1948. I used to be an independent trucker (see picture above), but had to retire because of a stroke. I live in Wyoming. I’m now into horses, grand kids, computers and genealogy. I’m a husband, father of five (all married and gone from home), and I have about 14 grand children.. Here on the “About Me” page, I thought I’d give a little run-down of the Morris side of my family.

Below is my father, Leslie Arthur Morris, born in Kansas in 1917

Below is another picture of my father, Leslie Arthur Morris (born 1917) with my mother, Myra Leona Johnson (born 1920)

On the left below is Leslie Morris with his sister,Thelma Morris. Also, below and to the right is Myra Johnson(Morris) when she was 18 years old

Below is my grandfather Robert Leslie Morris, born 1894, and grandmother Dora Elizabeth Sievers, born 1896

Below is the next older generation … Elijah John William Morris (front and center), born 1856, and Minnie Eliza Thayer, born 1864

And then, below is the next generation older …. Josiah Skidmore Morris, born 1825, and Martha A. Twidwell, born 1826

For the benefit of those interested, following is a continuing list of older generations:

Josiah Skidmore pictured above was the son of Elijah Morris (1798) and Hannah Gibson

Elijah was the son of Benjamin Morris (1757) and Sarah Bolton

Benjamin was the son of Joseph Morris (1731) and Mary Newby

Joseph Morris was the son of Aaron Morris (1704) and Mary Pritchard

Aaron Morris was the son of John Morris III (1680) and Mary Simons

John Morris was the son of John Morris (1654) and Damaris Page

John Morris (1654) was the son of Charles Morris (1625) and Hannah

Charles Morris was the son of John Morris (1609) and Mary

John Morris (1609) was the son of Edward Morris (1580) and Mrs.

Edward Morris (1580) was the son of  Charles Morris (1555) and Elizabeth Hollowell

Charles Morris (1555) was the son of Anthony Morris (1530) and Elizabeth Fields

It goes on, but I’m not confident of the accuracy of what I have….

It has been occurring to me that I should possibly consider showing pictures of all of my dad’s siblings…  I just don’t know if I can gather up pictures enough to do a good job of that.  I’d welcome any opinions on whether this should be done, or not…  I’d hate to think that the only way somebody could make it into my web site would be by kicking the bucket…..   BUT, on the other hand,  maybe that would be a good criteria..  Only have pictures of those that are no longer with us….  THEN, if some of you happen to find your picture in here, you could start worrying…

My Purpose

My grandmother, Dora Sievers, was born of Henry Sievers and Lydia May Walker. That is as far as I can trace my ancestry on that grandmother's side of the family. Married to Dora was my grandfather, Robert Morris. He was born of Elijah John William Morris. I have a fairly extensive ancestry for Elijah. My purpose is to record and share the ancestry work I and my uncles have done.. and attempt to increase our present knowledge by going out on the web in order to attract more input from more sources..


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Howdy Carl,

I just found this website, didn’t know you were doing all this work. All of the things you have expressed I have heard from our mutual uncles and it seems to be a daunting task. There are so many different stories that I don’t think the family will ever know the entire truth. I enjoyed the photos and your input on this. Do you use ancestors.com? I am too cheap to pay for this so I don’t get too far. I hope you keep trying, good luck! The hits from Germany may be the Kempe family, Dad says they have tried to trace Henry in Hamburg Germany but they had no luck.

Like I said in the e-mail I sent you, Donna, I have to give a whole, big bunch of the credit for what I know and have recorded to Uncle Don and Uncle Del. They have spent hours, weeks, months and years on this… I try to continually work on this in an effort to make it more complete and more accurate.. It’s surprising how many inconsistencies one runs into with this kind of project… What I need to do, also, is continue working on Henry Sievers and Lydia Walker genealogy…

Hi, I just found your site and it seems that we share in your tree.

the only problem I have is that my John was born in 1600 not the John born in 1609.

these are two different men and if I could have some help in trying to figure out which is correct?

and Howdy cousin. my line follows yours quite aways. we branch at Benjamin. my line goes on to Joseph jr and that way and we ended up in IN after the civil war.

my grandmother was a morris but nothing was passed on about the family so I have had to search on my own and I started out in 2007. so I am thrilled whenever I find a family member.

my great grandfather was Solomon Morris, my grandfather was a step son whose name was Rufus. Solomon was his father but Marguerite was not his mother. long story.

hope we can make contact.

Hi Moma,

I’m Carl II, my dad made this page. I recently bought a copy of the Benjamin Morris book so I know a little about what you’re talking about. We made a trip east a couple of years ago and saw the gravestone of Elijah, son of Benjamin I think, in Illinois. Glad to see your message…

I’m the creator of this blog.. I appreciated your response… Right now, I’m discouraged because somebody has been making changes (incorrect changes) in the project I’ve been working on.. To see a good summation of my Morris branch, you could go to https://new.familysearch.org and search for some familiar ancestors. It is a L.D.S. site, and you’d have to register to get into it…. but it’s open to be used by everyone…..

I find this really interesting. Not much is known officially in my family before my ancestor Theophilous Bolton Morris which dates to the civil war era. His old estate is still in my parent’s possession in Louisiana. The only thing I was ever told that pre dated him was that we were descended from Sarah Bolton and Benjamin Morris. And that was how the name “Bolton” became a tradition in my line. The name is in every generation of my line. And actually my name is Bolton David Morris.
It’s very interesting to see this connection. And that some old legends could be based in fact.

Bolton D Morris

Bolton, I assume you’re familiar with the Benjamin Morris book? That lays out quite a few of the Morris generations that come from him. But I don’t know anything about Sarah Bolton.

The only book I know of was put out by my cousin Irene Morris. It was more of a pamphlet really. But I don’t know of an actual book. I’d love to know how to get one.

It’s out of print and I’ve only ever seen one copy on Ebay and I bought it. But it’s online. I’ll try to find a link for you…

I’m not seeing the link I was looking for, but in theory either of these should also be a way to see it or get it.


Hi there,
My Grandmother Emmi Sievers had a god uncle called Henry Sievers from New York. This is probably the Cousin of my Mom’s Opa. My Family is from Holstein by Hamburg. Will try to find you in the Telephonist Book.
Greetings from Germany,
J Sievers

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